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Have you visited the salt lakes of South Australia

We are sometimes referred to as "salt" therefore we are called to let our lives enhance and give meaning to this existence we call life. 

 We need salt to regulate and maintain the fine fluid balance in our human bodies. Apparently nature foreknew this and provided us with these salty pans in low lying areas on the earths crust. 

Nature said, one cold and salt free day, "Let us make salt in the image and likeness of a fine, white, crystal like powder. Let it be a savoury feeling as it lies on our tongues and let it provide the human with a reason to drink!"

And so it came to pass that nature, (from hence forth onwards referred to as "God") took His hand and liberally poured forth salt.....with pounds and ounces, with tons and tonnes, with kilos and grams, with magnificence and magnitude, with generosity and passion, with abundance beyond what any person ever needed.... and so these vast and beautiful places came into existence.... God even made pink Himalayan salt which is organic and more beneficial than everyday table salt..

And then He said.. "Drink, eat and be merry, but remember you are the salt of the earth. 

What does it mean to be the salt of the earth???  Basically and fundamentally good in heart and soul. 

Salt is stable and steady, it does not have an expiration date... it never loses its flavour, it does not die or fade away, Wow!

Old fence posts
Beautifully formed and crystallised
Salty icebergs
Two hikers wander through the salt lakes at Yorke Peninsula. Well, I too walked through this lake and the salt so sharp, left thousands of flaming incisions on the soles of my feet!!
Real salt pools, Cheetham, near Ardrossan.
Well I must say I am captivated by the length, breadth and width of the South Australian salt lakes.They are quite spectacular, eerie and ephemeral. One day they are filled with water, the next, dry and caked with pink or blue or green powder.

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Guest - Tania Bailey on Sunday, 04 March 2018 20:42

Beautiful Wendy. As usual you have taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary!

Beautiful Wendy. As usual you have taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary! Tania.
Friday, 26 February 2021

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