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Stopping on the side of the road for a beer!

When you notice the sun beginning to set and it's beer o'clock make sure you have your camera handy. 

Some scenery is spell binding, breath taking and will cause you to stop in your tracks and just appreciate nature at its best. 

I once heard of a man who had been stung by several box jelly fish, (I think his name was Ian McCormack, maybe google that name and see what you come up with) he apparently died for an hour or two and travelled to heaven. He compares heaven to many of the sights he had seen and experienced in New Zealand!!!

Wow I think I need to get to heaven!!  (Or New Zealand)

The road less travelled
Kaikoura, last light catches this snowy peak. Each year I return to photograph this mountain.
Clear and beautiful

On our recent trip back to New Zealand, we were driving towards the Otira Pass late in the afternoon, the sun began to get low in the sky, we stopped on the side of the road for a beer and simply to enjoy the most wonderful display of creations creativity.

... a camera was quickly taken out of the car.

On about the third sip of beer an orange hue appears in the clouds. Almost similar to the colour of a light ale. The light ale is rapidly placed on a fence post and the camera button is clicked relentlessly.
Orange gradually turns to pink, that's when we both take a moment to gasp at the beauty of nature.
When photographing a sunset or sunrise...your image will probably look something like this.
Image with only the SHADOWS and the EXPOSURE sliders adjusted.

 I will always use shadows slider to reveal what is in the darker parts of a photograph. Even on your phone make sure you edit by using the shadows slider and then the exposure slider. It will make your image a whole lot easier for others to view and is probably a truer representation of what you saw yourself. The camera is not able to pick up a vast range in contrast. It will generally focus on just the light parts of an image or just the dark parts.

Turning 180 degrees we notice the colours on the other side of the world.
The other side of the world looks just as glamorous. Always take a look in the opposite direction when photographing a sunset or sunrise.
The golden hour
THE WHITE BALANCE ON CLOUDY. Trying different camera settings. It is amazing how a different camera setting can change the appearance of your image.
THE WHITE BALANCE ON AUTO. The image takes on more of a blue hue. By this time the beer has kicked in and everything looks doubly magnificent!!

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