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Adelaide to Port Lincoln yacht race.

And so we got up at 5am to see what we could see. When we arrived at the Cape Spencer viewing point, all we saw were lights twinkling below us with the eerie sound of water lapping and waves softly hitting the unseen rocks. Slowly as the morning dawned our eyes could focus on the beautiful scene before us......

These pics are fairly well taken in sequence as the morning progressed and more yachts kept appearing on the horizon. My shots are from a quite a distance, no close ups sorry, I had a 500mm lens and even then they are a long way off, but the mood of the morning seemed to make up for all that. We followed the yachts on a tracker app so could estimate their whereabouts. The winners unfortunately had long since passed this point. "Secret Mens Business" taking line honours.

A seriously wonderful experience! 

Due to slow wind speeds we were able to photograph the yachts, normally they pass the Cape Spencer Lighthouse in the middle of the night.

Althorpe Lighthouse
Dark morning
Sailing towards us
Red hull
Passing the rocks
Purple hues
Catching up
Like ships in the night
Morning hues
Golden lights in the distance
Light catches one white sail
Expanse of water
Passing Althorpe
Kinetic Energy
Past the island
Born to mentor
Dark sails
Silver sea
Rhino closer
As the crow flies
Surfers and sailors, Ethels beach
Last but not least

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Guest - Mike on Monday, 19 February 2018 16:16

Cracker shots Wendy
Well done. I love the mood

Cracker shots Wendy Well done. I love the mood
Guest - Sandy Lord on Monday, 19 February 2018 22:25

Great photos Wendy! Very peaceful... love the boats!

Great photos Wendy! Very peaceful... love the boats!
Saturday, 08 May 2021

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