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As the crow flies is never a straight line.

I figure that the saying "AS THE CROW FLIES." implies that the distance from one location to another, is a direct route. A straight line to indicate to the listener the amount of kilometres from one spot to the other.

In our local park we have a group of crows...(I can't bring myself to say a murder of crows...just doesn't sound good.)
I am fascinated by crows and as I have sat for long periods and watched and photographed them, I have noticed their flying is, NOT IN A STRAIGHT LINE, in fact it is rather haphazard, intermittent, irregular, up and down, in fact quite frankly it's all over the place.

I figured this was rather like life! Not a straight and smooth line, but irregular and often all over the place.

In fact with life......

We never know what will happen next! 

AND we can either; choose to be afraid of the future... or walk toward the future with calm and boldness.

We can choose to adapt or resist!

Adaptation produces peace, hope and courage.

Resistance produces frustration, fear and anger.


The crow is noted for its extreme cunning, intelligence and carefulness....perhaps there is a reason he never flies in a straight line.

*If the enemy is following he can out manoeuvre him.
*He can see a far greater variety of different vantage points for food, shelter and attacks.
*He has so much fun gliding on the currents.
*He gets to his destination slower and therefore has learnt the very modern art of Slow Living...or should we say slow flying.
*He knows a straight line is totally boring.
*He learns so many new flying techniques.
*He has learnt that trusting in himself is very important when on the journey.
*He has learnt that this is how to outsmart different wind currents.
*He has learnt that all his muscles are tested and developed with this irregular type of flying.

Maybe we should be adaptable and intelligent like the crow?? Clever crow.....?
Praying crow
The Hallett Cove Amphitheatre
Hallett Cove Conservation Park truly has amazing colours
As the sun sets we say goodbye to the brilliant Aussie crow.

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