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Why you should travel the back roads to Burra

 The Road Less Travelled.

Recently I went from the Barossa Valley, (in South Australia) to Burra, a one and a half hour trip.

I used my trusty google maps and typed in Burra. 

When the first side road appeared (which was not on my route) I branched off and the nice google lady redirected me towards Burra on my new road. 

Consequently a one and a half hour trip took me 5 hours!

But the sights and sounds along these back roads was just beautiful! 

Red roads, green fields, livestock, wheat for miles and so many abandoned cottages.

I guess because of the harsh conditions many farmers left the land. Others built bigger and better ventilated farmhouses, and stayed on their farms. 

Incredible, exhilarating  and admirable! 

I hope you enjoy the images. See you next time. W.

Passing grape vines as one leaves the Barossa.
Grape workers
Fields shaped and planted.
Vast fields stretching for miles
There is always one!
Even had time for a selfie.
My fav pic. Setting sun and the red bales in the red dirt.

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