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In the last few years we have found ourselves on an endless quest in search of a place to live, a place that belongs to our heart and gives us peace, happiness and quiet. We believe we may have found this perfect spot, a place beside the ocean......  


...and so the building begins.


Morning coffee

Always stopping regularly for coffee.



The love one has for the ocean is beyond all boundaries and can often be traced back to childhood. Long days spent lying on sunny sands and cool nights awaiting sleep while listening to the sound of the crashing waves on worn grey pebbles.



The fisherman is indeed married to the sea and the surfer has inexplicable longings to master the relentless, whitecapped wave. 




The ocean never leaves or forsakes its lovers, it permeates deep into their soul, where water meets water.


Shack6And the sky meets the horizon, and the sandy land is impressionable upon its inhabitants.



Sometimes we swim, sometimes we boat and sometimes we just absorb....





Our family have been holidaying in Yorke Peninsula for over thirty years. On the very first visit, in Casurina camping ground, we encountered a rustic, rugged, and dramatic environment, which tested our bodies and camping abilities to the extreme.


Things have not changed much from that time. The huge waves, the rugged surfer, the strange but friendly emus, the orange kangaroos, the enormous cliffs, the lonely uninhabited islands, the shipwrecked coastline, the sultry fisherman, all of this has made for a holiday destination which captivates the heart of the adventurer, the explorer, the sun soaker, the swimmer, the surfer and any other who enjoys the saturating experiences of nature.




All and everything in its finality that we have learnt, is that whilst we are packing to drive back to our homes, our hearts are full and yet silently empty. We cannot speak, words would destroy the beauty of our holiday experiences, and any sound is a sign that we are departing this strange but very magnificent place.


Shack9The one point of hope is that we will return, for now/today we have made a claim to a small portion of sandy land. 



And on this land we will build a white tin shack, where our white thongs can rest quietly on the doorstep waiting for tomorrow’s adventures with the salty sea spray.....



a soujorn on the low Southern coastlines of Yorke Peninsula.


Men in black

....and whilst the sun sets, we dream.


Mixed media



This is the place I take almost all my photographs. The landscape is diverse and totally unique providing me with many golden opportunities to shoot photographs and be enthralled with what I am witnessing. 


I hope you will check back and keep in touch as the build progesses. Wendy.

Wendy Philip - artist.


Through the beautiful art of photography, I hope that you enjoy the vibrance of the Southern parts of our earth.